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  • Lukas says:

    I’m currently working on a space scene – this is exactly what I needed for the stars, they were flickering like crazy. Thanks!!

  • I was looking to answer a different issue while learning Houdini, and I stumbled on your Blog. I got so intrigued reading about the “Tiny_Point_Resizer”. This is great stuff! After downloading your file and looking at it, and without actually putting your Tiny_Point_Resizer to a serious test, I am wondering if there is a way to regain perceived perspective that is lost because of the pixels still maintaining a relative size? I saw the star field and I would certainly pick your solution over the flickering, but I wonder if there is an additional layering of manipulation of the pixel that could happen here in order to get the perceived depth perception? Like reducing to partial pixels based on camera distance (is that even possible?). I don’t know, I am old to CG and Art in general, but new to the more tech side of it, that is why I was asking. Either way, great stuff and thanks for sharing! Hope to hear back from you.

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