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Secret Project #16638

By October 9, 20122 Comments


Ever since I found you could get little SMD jumpers (zero ohm resistors) it’s made laying complicated circuits on single-sided circuit boards much easier. Normally if you need a signal to cross over other tracks without touching them, you have to solder little wire jumpers in to form bridges, which means a lot of careful wire measuring and stripping (you can see the red ones above). For little jumps I can use the SMD resistors – the little black oblongs with 000 printed on them. If you’re careful they can jump over 3 other tracks…


  • Jan says:

    can you name a source for this type of jumper “resistors”?
    They are really handy, but i can’t find any supplier..

    Thanks in forward und greetings from Germany

    • h says:

      RS, Digikey, Farnell, Mouser etc all seem to do them. They’re just treated like any other resistor – just find a range of SMD ones you like and somewhere on the list of values there’ll probably be a 0 ohms one…

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