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Animation and motion graphics

New animation…

By March 7, 2012No Comments

I’ve created an animation for Pete at Hazelnut Films – just like the previous one, the idea is that the film will be sold to a number of SEO companies to use on their sites, with the “Your Logo” bits replaced with theirs.

It’s about the most technically complex animation I’ve done. The trickiest bits seem to be on screen for the least time, too; as the SEO bod (in the black suit) walks out of our protagonist’s office, his own office transitions onto the screen in a flurry of flipping tiles. Took flipping ages, and it only lasts a second or so. C’est la vie…

Audio was non-trivial to deal with, too, particularly for the sections where lots of tiles or blocks are moving onscreen. Although I’ve almost completed my Max to SoX automatic audio generator thingy (blog post below somewhere), it wasn’t quite up to the task yet, so I ended up riffling decks of cards and using delay units to try and create foley. It ain’t perfect but it’s not bad.

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