Dangerous Goods Discrepancy

I'm having trouble with our solar set up - lead acid batteries, it turns out, really aren't ideal for our usage patterns. So I'm buying a big-ass 60Ah lithium battery (LiFeMnPo4 to be precise) from the Czech Republic. Never had such an exciting looking parcel tracker screen before:

Naughty goods

Digital TV’s dirty secret

20131009-160729.jpgTo test the capacity of some rechargeable batteries, I plugged them into a little portable LCD TV via a Turnigy power analyser.

The TV has three modes: analogue TV, digital TV, or Aux input - for using it as a monitor for a VCR or camera. I was a bit surprised at the power readings for each mode:

Aux input: 2.1W
Analogue TV: 3.7W
Digital TV: 5.3W

Subtracting the Aux input power from the other readings shows digital telly takes double as much power to decode compared to good ole' analogue. On this telly, anyway. Those extra gazillion channels don't come for free apparently...